Benefits of Counselling

Counselling can focus on overcoming challenges like anxiety and depression, but can also be about growth and self-improvement. Psychologist Tom Rapacki shares some of the benefits of counselling:


Build your sense of direction, discover your strengths, and start moving towards the future you want. Become a more authentic person.


Feel lighter as you start practicing better ways of dealing with life's struggles. Increase your confidence to try new things.


Recognize when you’ve been hurt in the past, and start moving forward from experiences you may have been dwelling on.


Improve your relationships and communicate more effectively. Reduce anger or fear that may get in the way of being close to the people that are important to you.


Become more compassionate with yourself and others. Practice mindfulness and start letting go of things that have kept you ‘stuck’.


Learn ways of stepping back and making better decisions by looking at the big picture. Understand why you’ve been repeating the same mistakes and start doing things differently.

Giftedness - 'Positive Disintegration'

Some difficulties may actually be side-effects of giftedness. For example talented planners may struggle with overthinking, or sadness may reflect deep sensitivity. Learn to make the most of your gifts.


Common Struggles

Life has its ups and downs, and there are times in life when each of us feels overwhelmed. Seeking help when we need it is a sign of courage and wisdom! Asking for help before a problem gets really bad is best, as it can prevent it from spreading into other areas of our life, such as our relationships and work, or by causing addictions.

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