Benefits of Counselling

Counselling can focus on overcoming challenges like anxiety and depression, but can also be about growth and self-improvement. Psychologist Tom Rapacki shares some of the benefits of counselling:







Giftedness - 'Positive Disintegration'


Common Struggles

Life has its ups and downs, and there are times in life when each of us feels overwhelmed. Seeking help when we need it is a sign of courage and wisdom! Asking for help before a problem gets really bad is best, as it can prevent it from spreading into other areas of our life, such as our relationships and work, or by causing addictions.

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We Make Time For You!

At Cultured Psychology Services we believe that no one should have to feel like they are making an elevator pitch when they see their therapist. Clients are offered up to 25 minutes of additional time (up to 50% more) at no extra charge, as needed to allow for deeper discussions, a more personalized experience, and for more therapeutic work to take place sooner. See the Q & A page for details.

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Cultural Competency Training

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