Tomasz Rapacki, MC., Registered Psychologist

"I work daily with people from all walks of life, from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities. As a specialist in individual strengths and culture, my approach is calming, caring, insightful, and creative. I am trained to discuss topics that some psychologists don't have the comfort or cultural knowledge to address. Empowerment is also a priority, as I believe bringing out our abilities and talents can help to overcome problems in our lives."

Psychologist Tom Rapacki is a published author, speaker, and lecturer on approaches to uncover cultural and personal strengths. He specializes in anxiety, culture, trauma, and depression, and has helped hundreds of clients since he first started counselling in 2012. He was a co-recipient of the Government of Alberta Family and Community Safety Inspiration Award in 2018, and was recognized as a top therapist for immigrants and refugees in the province in 2021. He obtained his Master's degree from the University of Lethbridge.

Tom draws upon proven therapeutic approaches, including CBT, Solution-Focused Therapy, acceptance, and mindfulness. In addition, he is also the only psychologist in Alberta offering an evidence-based, culturally-adapted depression therapy for Asian-Canadians (available in English & Mandarin). This innovative new treatment was associated with better outcomes than ordinary therapy in early research.

In addition to running Cultured Psychology Services, Tom has once served as a top mental health provider for refugees in the province, and as a core provider of PTSD treatment for much of Central Alberta. Tom is also a father and has a multicultural family.

In Chinese:

Tom 专修跨文化心理咨询,专业治疗忧郁,焦虑与创伤后心理应激障碍。他是加拿大唯一可提供实证及结合中国文化底蕴而形成的专业抗忧郁治疗法的心理医生。(可提供英文/普通话服务)。Tom致力于提高移民心理健康和加深移民对有效的创伤应激(压力)的认识。


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